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Persian Palm is a new Italian company, founded in the heart of Tuscany, close to Florence, famous for ceramic prductions from medieval period. Created by two women, Eva and Luana, with the will to combine a luxury sex toy, that will delight the body, mind and eyes. Our goal is combineing pleasure and refinement with the beauty of Italian artistic artisanship in safe luxury ceramic sex toys.

Our toys are made of ceramic, a material known and trusted for thousands of years, used in everyday life since the dawn of civilization and is part of the artistic tradition of Tuscan region and Italy. Ceramic is eco-friendly material; to produce our toys, we use only earth, water and fire.

Persian Palm sex toys are the synthesis of forms designed to give pleasure, with designs inspired by the age old Italian artistic tradition. The glazes and colours give beauty and shine to our sex toys with a surface extremely smooth and comfortable to use.

Each Persian Palm sex toy is unique because they are all entirely hand painted each with their own design. The artistic hand painted decoration allows you to personolize and customize each sex toy upon reques, adding names, dates, or dedications to one of our existing decorations or choosing your own customized decorations that will be unique to you alone.

Persian Palm ceramic sex toys are completely safe for use. The ceramic material is extremely durable and Persian Palm submit each batch of production to quality controls and safety test typical of aerospace engineering.

We use food grade glazes and colours completely non toxic and hypoallergenic, free of nickel, lead, cadmium and phtalates and therefore safe during contact with mucous membranes and skin. The glaze also makes Persian Palm sex toys without porosity, therefore easy to clean and sanitized by germs and bacteria.