Livia Classic Line



The decoration of Livia Classic line is one of the most important decorations of fifteenth century in Tuscany, called “palmetta persiana”, or in English Persian Palm, the inspiration of the name of our trademark. Originally this decoration was born inspired by the Iranian decorations. This decoration was popular mostly to decorate the pottery used in pharmacy. A lot of object with similar decoration today are exposed in museums all over Tuscany and all over the world

The Anal plug is a tapered shape, which resembles the shape of a cypress tree, one of the most appreciated trees of the Tuscan landscape.
Its medium dimension, makes it a suitable anal plug for beginners to explore anal sex and allows a gradual expansion.
The glazed smooth surface reduces friction and makes it extremely comfortable for use. The length and diameter of the stem, combined with the base of 6,4 cm, makes the Anal plug completely safe for use.

Total Length: 18 cm
Insertable Length: 13 cm
Large side diameter: 3,4 cm
Base diameter: 6,4 cm
Weight: 220 g


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