Creating a safe ceramic sex toy is essential for us: Persian Palm sex toys are completely safe for use. Ceramic is an extremely durable material, just think that ceramics are able to maintain its features for thousands of years even when subjected to the force of the weather. We also choose to strengthen our products filling them with a special resin, which makes them even safer.
Persian Palm sex toys are durable and safe, but should not be used in case of strong impact against a hard surface or the appearance of cracks on the surface. For more information contact
To ensure maximum safety, Persian Palm submit each batch of production to quality control and typical aerospace engineering inspection, for more information about programs and tecniques we used, click here
The decoration of the Persian Palm sex toys are made with enamel and coloUrs completely free of nickel, lead, cadmium and phthalates and therefore very safe during contact with mucous membranes and skin. The enamel also make the Persian Palm sex toys free of porosity, so they are easily sterilized from germs and bacteria.

In the video below we show shows the simulation of the strength of Persian Palm ceramic sex toy through Nastran software, used in engineering. The simulation is Persian Palm ceramic sex toy with fixed base and a pressure of 10 pounds on the top. As you can see from the colors during the pressure (light blu, and the breaking point is red), the Persian Palm ceramic sex toy is far from the breaking point, even with great pressure as 10 pounds.