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Persian Palm

combines the pleasure and sophistication of the Italian artistic beauty and safety in our luxury sex toys. Persian Palm sex toys are ceramic products, material known for thousands of years and used in everyday life since the dawn of civilization and therefore a key element in the Tuscan artistic tradition of Italy.

Persian Palm sex toys in ceramics are a synthesis of forms designed to give pleasure and decorations that are inspired by the long tradition of Italian art. Glazes and colors give beauty and light to our sex toys along with an extremely smooth and comfortable surface for use.

Persian Palm sex toys are unique because they are hand painted one by one. The handcrafted artistic decoration allows us to realize custom objects, meaning we can add names, dates, phrases or dedications to our existing decorations. It is also possible to completely customize the decorations.


Ceramics is part of the cultural identity of Tuscany. We were born and grew up between artistic ceramics and we intend to sum up the charm and beauty of ceramics in a luxury toy for adults.


Ceramic is a resistant material which lasts. This feature, combined with a special design of the forms allows Persian Palm sex toys to arrive precisely in the area that you want to stimulate giving unique pleasure.


Our colors and glazes, which are non-toxic and are suitable for intimate use, make the Persian Palm ceramic dildos and plugs extremely smooth and shiny. The smooth surface glides with surprising smoothness to lead you to your pleasure with little lubricant. Try it to believe it!


Ceramic is a material known for thousands of years, used in everyday life and appreciated for its extraordinary features. It is an extremely resistant material. Just think bricks are produced in ceramic material. To ensure greater safety to our clients, each Persian Palm sex toy is filled with a special resin, which makes it even safer. Persian Palm sex toys should not be used in case of hard impact to a hard surface or appearances of cracks on the surface. For more information contact All production lots are subjected to specific resistance testing, using typical methods used for aerospace engineering. The glazes which are used to decorate the Persian Palm ceramic dildos and plugs do not contain lead, nickel or cadmium. They also comply with all food and medical safety regulations. Therefore completely safe with the contact of skin and mucous membranes.
The glazed surfaces are smooth, non-porous which makes Persian Palm sex toys easily washed and sterilized with warm water and disinfectant soap.


Ceramics have always been a material used to create works of art. Every single Persian Palm plug or dildo has been hand painted, one by one. Each piece is unique and it is yours only. In addition to the pleasure for the body Persian Palm sex toys are for the eyes that look on... and the mind that imagines!