Maddalena Classic Line



The decoration of Maddalena Classic Line is inspired of decoration of ceramic used in everyday life during a long history of Tuscany ceramic. The lines with different colours follows the shape of this but plug, giving to it a perfect harmony. 

This anal plug is of medium dimension and is suitable for beginners.Its shape in “steps” allows to use the plug gradually, according to the desired expansion and allows you to combine the penetration of a particular massage for further stimulation.
The glazed smooth surface reduces friction and makes it extremely comfortable for use. The length and diameter of the stem, combined with the base of 6,4 cm, makes the Anal plug completely safe for use.

Total Length: 18 cm

Insertable Length: 13 cm

Large side diameter: 4,5 cm

Base diameter: 6,4 cm

Weight: 220 g


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