Persian Palm Sex Toys Review: Pia, Eva and Lulu

By Cara Sutra

I recently received three gorgeous hand-painted ceramic sex toys courtesy of Persian Palm. You can read the full news article here, but I wanted to write about the customised trio of Persian Palm sex toys I received from a more personal and intimate point of view.

Introducing Pia, Eva and Lulu from the Persian Palm sex toys collection:

Persian Palm Sex Toys Review Livia Eva and Lulu


Persian Palm Sex Toys Review Livia Eva and Lulu

Overall length: 8 inches
Insertable length: 6.5 inches
Maximum circumference: 6.4 inches
Weight: 435g

This is the Persian Palm sex toy sculpture which is intended mainly as an anal plug, so I was surprised at the size of it. It’s definitely not one for anal newbies, with a length of 6.5 inches insertable plus an eye-watering circumference of 6.4 inches around the widest part.

At least these non-porous sex toys can be used with your choice of sex lube, and if you don’t mind silicone lube then that’s what I’d advise. It is long lasting and won’t evaporate like water based lube does in the heat of the session, with all the friction. I don’t like the feel of silicone lube myself so I much prefer water based lube. The other thing to remember is that the surface of these smooth, rigid sex toys gets very slippery with the addition of lube. The bottom of the Pia, like the other Persian Palm sex toys, is large and comfortable to hold in the hand which helps me keep a safe grip on it. I wouldn’t want to drop it – especially on a hard floor which could damage the material and render it unfit for further use.

I use the Pia lying on my bed, a nice soft surface, then I can relax and not worry.

In any case, I just can’t fit the Pia inside anally. It’s much too large, girth-wise and length-wise, with the girth being the obvious problem here. I tried on a few occasions but I’ve given up on using the Pia as an anal toy and instead I used it vaginally the next time I came to play. The non-porous nature of the material means it’s easy to make sure the Pia is hygienically clean after use & washing, so I felt entirely safe to use it for vaginal pleasure the next time I played.

Wow! As a vaginal dildo the Pia really comes into its own. Perhaps you’d be able to take the full width and length of Pia anally – and I’m sure that would be amazing – but vaginally it feels completely satisfying and fulfilling thanks to the bulge in the body and the cervix-tapping rounded tip. I even managed to have a G-spot orgasm with this one… I did need a clit vibe at the same time, but the orgasm was definitely a G-spot O.


Persian Palm Sex Toys Review Livia Eva and Lulu

Overall length: 8 inches
Insertable length: 6.5 inches
Maximum circumference: 5 inches
Weight: 325g

Eva is the angled G-spot dildo of my trio, and I was looking forward to using this one especially. As predicted, it felt sensational slipping inside my vagina, aided with a dro of water based lubricant.

The angled tip seeks out my G-spot effortlessly, and the generous length of the dildo means I stay in complete control of the penetration depth and I can slide or thrust it perfectly for my anatomy.

Used in conjunction with a clit vibe, as I did with all three of my Persian Palm sex toys, the Eva is a marvel. On two occasions now I’ve almost squirted through orgasm with it… not quite, but I’m hopeful about getting there one day. It’s definitely to do with the rigidity of the material combined with its cool smoothness rubbing against my G-spot inside, as well as the helpful angling of the tip.

As with the other two sex toys I own, the base is easy to hold in my hand, being a good-sized rounded area to hold on to throughout use.

Because of this base, the Eva (and the Lulu) are suitable for anal use as well. I do like versatility with my sex toys. I couldn’t insert the final bulge in the shaft (5 inch circumference) but I was able to envelop the tip and the middle bulge… and they felt delicious. Again, the rigidity of the ceramic material combined with the initial coolness which then warms to my body temperature meant I enjoyed a very sensory sexual experience, different to using standard butt plugs or anal sex toys.


Persian Palm Sex Toys Review Livia Eva and Lulu

Overall length: 8 inches
Insertable length: 6.5 inches
Maximum circumference: 5 inches
Weight: 372g

Lulu, which I have in the beautiful Gold Line edition, is like the Eva without the angled tip.

The first ‘neck’ or slender area after the rounded tip has half an inch more girth, but I don’t really feel that during use. Lulu is a solid, contoured classic vaginal dildo shape which also provides delicious anal sensations if I so choose, but I much prefer the Eva because of the angled tip. There’s no debating that it’s absolutely stunning, however.

Persian Palm Sex Toys Review Livia Eva and Lulu

The Persian Palm sex toys seem to be mostly available in either Classic (dual or mix of colours), one colour or Gold Line (glossy black background with the pattern painted in 24 karat gold). As you can see, I own the Pia and Eva in Classic and the Lulu in Gold Line.

You can browse & purchase these beautiful ceramic sex toys at the Persian Palm sex toys website. Prices start at €120, which at today’s rates equates to approximately £109.

At the time of writing there’s no payment gateway/checkout on the Persian Palm sex toys website, but the company have informed me you can order and purchase via email to

Thank you Persian Palm for sending me three sex toys from your catalogue in return for this review here at the CaraSutra sex blog.


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