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Lulù Classic Line


Descrizione prodotto

The decoration of Lulù Classic Line is the typical decoration of majolica ceramic, called “oriental knot”, widespread at the beginning of XVI century in Tuscany above Florence. This decoration is inspired by decorations of oriental ceramics, very popular during the Renaissance period in Medici’s Florence. A lot of plates and vases with similar decoration, today are exposed in museums all over Tuscany and all over the world.

This dildo with soft lines is inspired by the Tuscan hills with soft curves, which are made for the stimulation of the G-spot. The bulbs that give its shape, give a pleasant stimulation in use.
The glazed, smooth surface reduces friction and makes it extremely comfortable using this dildo. The dimensions of the base makes it a safe dildo even for anal penetration.

Total Length: 20 cm
Insertable Length: 15 cm
Small side diameter: 2,4 cm
Large side diameter: 3,4 cm
Base diameter: 6,4 cm
Weight: 330 g


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